We brood the poults with our chicks until approximately 2½ weeks of age. Then we move them to a small barn in our yard where they have access to grass and bit more room to move. As they grow we give them more space and eventually they are allowed to free range in the yard. Our turkeys love grasshoppers and are especially fun to watch when they go after one! We feed them a natural, non-GMO diet of grains, fish meal, natural vitamins and minerals, and kelp to support their immune system.
They are free of antibiotics, added hormones, soy, and corn. The feed is mixed and milled here on the farm.

We sell our turkeys as a whole bird, bagged and ready for your freezer. We expect the turkeys to be around 15-20 pounds but some may be larger. Our turkeys will be processed in August or September.


Turkeys are sold at $4 per pound.