Our chickens are moved daily onto a fresh area which allows them to eat grass, bugs, and scratch in the soil. We feed them a natural, non-GMO diet of grains, fish meal, natural vitamins and minerals, and kelp to support their immune system. They are free of antibiotics, added hormones, soy, and corn. The feed is mixed and milled here on the farm.

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We sell our meat chickens as a whole bird, bagged and ready for your freezer. They are approximately 4-5 pounds per chicken. Some will be small and some large. You can choose the ones you want when you pick them up. Chickens are usually processed in July and August. We would prefer you pick up your chickens the day after processing, however anyone is welcome to come on the day we process chickens to see what we do and how we do it. Coming out to the farm is a good way to see how we raise your chickens. Don’t forget to plan ahead to make room in your freezer, and remember a cooler when you come to get your chickens.

Ask us about hearts, liver, and gizzards. We will sell them upon request. 


Chickens are sold at $3.65 per pound.


Stewing hens are available in the fall. They are two year old laying hens and weigh approximately 3-4 pounds each. They are great for making broth and homemade chicken noodle soup, and should be cooked low and slow. We also like them canned in the pressure canner for making quick and easy meals on busy days.


Stewing hens are sold at $2 per pound.