We are a small, family owned farm located in southwestern North Dakota right along the beautiful Heart River. We practice Holistic Management for the benefit of the land, the animals, our family, and our community. As farmers and ranchers, we believe in regenerating our land through intensively managing our resources and harvesting solar energy. We believe that Mother Nature knows best. Our farm strives to mimic nature’s patterns as much as possible.


So, what does that mean you ask?

Animals that move often and are given the opportunity to express their unique gifts.

Animals that are eating what their body is made to digest.

Encouraging diversity in our pastures and cropland.

High quality of life for our animals and our family.





We brood all of the chicks in small groups until approximately 2½ weeks of age. Then we move them out to enclosed, bottomless, portable pens.

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Our cattle are grass fed for life. The cattle play an important role on our farm.

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