We raise a variety of chicken breeds to sanitize the pasture after the cows have grazed it. They spread out cow patties to distribute the nutrients over the soil. When the cow manure is spread out, it is not a desirable place for pests to make their home. Since we do not use dewormers or insecticides on our cattle, we have the chickens to replace those chemical inputs. The chickens love getting to express their natural talents and get a tasty, high protein snack for their efforts.


The laying hens are free ranging and go into a portable chicken coop at night for safety from predators. It has a mesh floor for their manure to fall through as fertilizer in the pastures and fields. This also keeps their shelter clean. The portable trailer has free choice, non-GMO grain available for them to supplement their diet as they need it. We move the trailer every few days following the cows. Eggs are collected daily.

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During the winter when it is too cold for the chickens to be out in the pasture, we move them into a cozy fabric building with lots of natural sunlight. They are protected from the wind. They spend their days digging through deep straw bedding looking for whole grains that we spread for them. While digging, they are composting the bedding for next year’s garden. They also have non-GMO grain and alfalfa bales available to add to their diet.

Eggs are available on a regular delivery schedule to Dickinson and Richardton or can be picked up at the farm.


Eggs are sold at $4 per dozen.